About us

Marija Farmer & The Good Cats creates and delivers training programmes for personal and organisational development (HR) and theatre events for conferences, promotions, celebrations or teambuilding (HR, PR, marketing).

Marija Farmer has developed the brand of Business Theatre. It is a revolutionary business communication tool, which combines innovative business thinking with live theatre. We use powerful methods from theatre and performance to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your company.

Our Mission

MARIJA FARMER & The Good Cats’s mission is to develop the creative competences of individuals, teams and companies, increasing their capacities both to dream and realise their dreams, to create and re-create their inner and outer realities, allowing people to decide on their own destinies and build healthy and happy environments for themselves and people around them.

Our main values are:

  • aspiring to excellence – high quality and high professional standards in anything we do
  • deep belief that capacity for play, passion and emotions, on one side, and planning, business skills and committed work on the other, are the bases of any great business or life success for individuals and companies
  • being in love with creativity and understanding creativity as a cycle of dream realisation
  • integrity and the high importance we give to values as such, our own and those of others.

MARIJA FARMER & The Good Cats helps in developing:

  • the human relations and social competences of people in business environments (leadership, teamwork, conflict transformation, communication skills, etc.)
  • creativity (creative potential of individuals and companies) and capacities for joy.


Marija Farmer is the founder and director of MARIJA FARMER & The Good Cats and creator of the Business Theatre brand. Psychologist, theatre director/performer, and international consultant and trainer of personal, professional and civil society development programs. Author and facilitator of numerous training programs such as: Training for Trainers, Communication Skills, Conflict Transformation, Teamwork and Leadership. Expert in developing programs for creativity unfolding and using theatre in personal and organizational development. She works throughout Serbia and Europe and has worked with around 7,000 participants along the way.

Under the MARIJA FARMER & The Good Cats umbrella, she brings together creative teams for the realisation of business theatre events as well as the planning and delivery of long-term consultancy programs. Her associates are artists, psychologists, performers and HR experts. The key criteria for selection as a part of the team is their creativity and highly developed emotions and sensitivity, on one side, and their deeps sense of responsibility and commitment to outstanding results and products on the other side.

“Being different, feeling different, is something that has followed me as long as I have known myself – people have always been telling me that I am different. I gather around me people similar to me, so it took me a long time to understand how I actually turn around or turn over that common field of existence on which the majority of the people play.  I didn’t choose to be creative. As a kid, even though I was proud of my achievements, I suffered a lot for not belonging, not being “normal” or “the same” as everyone else. It took me many years before I actually welcomed my exceptionality as a wonderful gift and realised what beauty and magic it brings.

This realization also helped me to accept the challenges that come with it. I disrupt, in many ways, the way the business market works or is understood. I don’t, for example, understand concept of competition, nor do I believe in it. I believe there is room for everybody, but everyone needs to find that place. I choose, in my private life, my friends very carefully and I am rather restrictive and introverted in those choices. In the same way, I choose my associates, co-workers and my clients, too. If we are not a real match, you will get quality, but also only the average programmes you could get from other people or consultants, too. But, if we do match, I am sure we can create nothing less than magic and programs that will change us all irreversibly.”

Marija Farmer, founder.


Business is a stage. In reality we all play different roles, and the stage will help us to play those roles in the best possible ways. Reality is unpredictable and demands fast reactions, clever decisions, flexibility and improvisation – the stage teaches us to be better at that. Theatre also connects us with our associates through humour and expression, which cannot be found in any other way. Theatre is constructive, rejects self-pity and provokes action and taking responsibility. Theatre is also very much like life, so learning through theatre may be transferred to reality quickly and directly.



Marija Farmer & The Good Cats facilitates the process of connecting to your dreams, forgotten craziness and humorous side of life. Studies show that raising the level of energy and creativity in your company can do miracles with your business results, which cannot be easily done through any other educational programme or business strategy.


Business theatre trainings (education, people development) are a combination of indepth knowledge about the topic (for example, theory and practice in dealing with conflicts, team roles etc.) and various theatre techniques that will help and enhance the gaining of that knowledge.

We use techniques from applied theatre, physical theatre, and impro theatre, while we work with important topics for successful business and team cooperation. Among the techniques we work on – movement and kinaesthetic intelligence, developing intuition, understanding stage composition (where we stand, sit, etc. and how it influences our relations with people), creating scenes from the real lives of employees and exploring solutions and ideas through different interactive theatre techniques, character role-play (understanding self, clients, colleagues through different characters), learning how to say “yes” (impro theatre rule crucial for cooperation), etc.


  1. Training for Trainers
  2. Stress and Psychological Wellness
  3. Creativity Development – Business Theatre
  4. Leadership – How to Realise your Dreams?
  5. Conflict Management
  6. Conflict Management – advance level (Forum Theatre)
  7. Assertive Communication
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Teamwork and Team Roles
  10. Change Management
  11. Meetings Facilitation
  12. Presentation Skills – Business Theatre 
  13. Intercultural Competences – Working in International Teams
  14. Creativity Development and Innovation in HR
  15. Something else?

Benefits for your company:

  • Business theatre methodology – working on the development of social and business competences of your employees through various theatre techniques gives extraordinary results, has a fast transfer to reality, while also being a fun and engaging way to work.
  • All our programs, regardless of the theme (conflicts, communication, change management etc.) develop creativity and raise life energy and the capacity for joy in people. This has a direct influence on employee motivation, a positive attitude towards the company and colleagues, greater initiative and taking of responsibility.
  • We promote with our work the whole set of values, the great importance of covering the full continuum of existence for personal or business success – being connected to passions, dreams, and joy, on one side, and developing business skills and competences on the other.

All our trainings are tailor-made for the Client, and we cover huge area of people relations and individual and team competences.  It will be our pleasure to create some new topic or unique combination of learning topics for you.

We deliver CLASSICAL TRAININGS in these areas, too. We can create modules or, depending on group experience and previous trainings and knowledge, we can create combination of classical and theatre training (2 in 1).

We also deliver TRAINING OF TRAINERS – combination of classical and theatre training (or coaching sessions) for poeple development teams.


Business theatre event is custom made theatre that will make your teambuilding, conference or a meeting an unforgettable experience.

Business theatre events can be used for PR, HR or marketing. In PR, it can be used to highlight or play out an issue or your specific feature. If you want your promo event to be something to talk about, we can create unique theatrical experience. HR can use it to educate staff or management on key issues or to raise questions and bring solutions or to organize extraordinary and creative team events and meetings. Marketing can use it to launch new brands or product. We need to know your needs and ideas what you would like to achieve. Based on that, you get your own, remarkable, personal theatre.

INTERACTIVE BUSINESS THEATRE EVENTS - conferences, meetings, gatherings, teambuilding.


Possible use: raising motivation, teambuilding, promoting company values, introducing new strategies, showing innovation, changes or results, internal communication.

This type of business theatre is an exceptional format for large gatherings, conferences or celebrations wherein theatre is used to create unparalleled joy and fun, connect people, and at the same time get across specific messages creatively. Employees (or other participants of the event) become our theatre associates. The work is done in small groups where we facilitate the creation of theatrical scenes using different theatre techniques (image theatre, musical theatre, physical theatre, classical theatre, dance etc.) on specific topics, and we conclude by showing all the scenes on the main stage in a grand finale! This theatre event is something that will be talked about for a long time!



Wellness weekends take place in nature and in a relaxed atmosphere: we become artists together. These weekends are based on the “beyond approach” to stress. Theatre, music, painting, poetry, dance, storytelling. Nature and luxury programme is playing artistically with four different elements – water (emotions, connection), fire (passion, realization), air (communication, mental activities), and earth (physical health, wealth). Through a variety of creative activities, the team explores these concepts and their meanings, regenerates their energy, learns or rather remembers how to play and gets a set of useful techniques for maintaining psychological wellness in their daily lives.

BUSINESS THEATRE PLAY MADE ONLY FOR YOU - promotion of services/products, entertainment.

This is custom made theatre play only for you! Our team (director, performers, etc.) researches the brief that we get from you, and we create unique performance using all possible expressive tools of performing arts – music, movement, words, lights, stage design. Employees or other participants constitute the audience. The performance, depending on desired goal, can be fun, serious, provocative or all that at once. Can be used for promotion of services or products, PR, entertainment.


MARIJA FARMER & The Good Cats develops long-term consultancy programs for the strategic creative development of companies. When we say creative company or conducting business in a creative way, we do talk, beforehand, about company values and culture and the ways how we can influence and change those values.

Our program has a direct effect on the level of passion and happiness of employees, it empowers and clarifies vision and passion in leaders (key people) and helps them influence and inspire others with that passion, it gives allowance for improvisation, generates new strategies for challenging situations (instead of problem solving, working on opportunity level of creativity), strengthens teams and their synergy, deals with change and uncertainty, defines creative communication (horizontal and vertical), stimulates proactivity and initiative, increases motivation and commitment.

company as a personality

We look at the company as one creative organism. Key words of our work are: holistic, organic, intuitive, energy, transformation, dream realisation. Consultancy program can last from 6 -24 months and includes different activities, based on needs assessment and desired objectives of the Client.

Example of activities:

  • Needs assessment and development of the strategy
  • Trainings and coaching sessions for employees 
  • Facilitation of teams and team meetings
  • Coaching of top management 
  • Horizontal actions that support/promote company values
  • Different activities to land company values into brand
  • Activities that support the spine of the organization (processes, procedures, clear communication canals)
  • Activities that support the flow/innovation/joy of the organization 
  • Large events for all employees
  • Internal magazine


MARIJA FARMER & The Good Cats encourages long-term cooperation with clients, since then it is possible to carry out a proper needs assessment and follow the development of employees and the company, and to create long-term strategies that give sustainable results. 

Some of our clients:

These are some of the clients we worked with (our direct clients or clients we worked for in cooperation with other consulting agencies):

  • Trizma
  • Tyntec
  • ProGlove
  • Velux
  • Raiffeisen bank d.o.o.
  • Atlantic Grupa
  • Network Manager
  • Kraft Foods d.o.o. i Mondelez International Inc.
  • Saga d.o.o. / New Frontier Group (long-term consulting)
  • Telenor
  • IDEA Academy
  • Impact Hub Belgrade
  • Erste Foundation
  • E-Smart Systems
  • Junior Chamber International
  • Direct Media
  • DTS (via MŠM)
  • Telekom  (via MŠM)
  • Metalac (via MŠM)
  • Erste bank (via MŠM)
  • Mlekara Subotica (via MŠM)
  • Knjaz Miloš (via Horizont Internacional)
  • OMV (via Horizont Internacional)

From our clients:

“I have cooperated with Marija since 2007, and I had the opportunity to see her working in different formats and fields (trainings, teambuilding, program The Artist’s Way, business theatre, program for supporting change – guerrilla activities, TOT Training of Trainers, business 1-1 consultancy). Marija believes in and lives her work and the participants of her programs recognise this as high authenticity. While she works, she spreads contagious enthusiasm and incredible energy that moves everyone around her. What makes her unique is that besides the energy of a creative artist, at the same time she possesses extraordinary self-discipline, perfectionism and an unbeatable persistence to bring about any action to the end or final product. Working with Marija is like having a guarantee that miracles will happen”.

Milana Petković, HR consultant JustHR (previously: HR director Saga, Senior HR Knjaz Miloš, Personal manager Hemofarm)

For any inquiry about trainings,
events and other programs and possible cooperation please contact us.


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